Research & Monitoring

Coastal Dynamics is available to provide a wide range of services to meet your research¬†and monitoring needs.¬† Whether it’s through providing consultations, field support or fully designing and executing projects, we can help you achieve your scientific goals here on Bonaire.

Current Projects


Responding to Sargassum Landings:
local cases to regional solutions

Collaborative effort with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Mexico, STINAPA Bonaire and Internos to find innovative and sustainable solutions to the impact of increased episodic influxes of sargassum. This project was multifaceted and included stakeholder perception analysis, an innovative technical solution, a field study on the feasibility of using sargassum as a fertilizer and experiment to better understand the composition of sargassum leachate.


Mangrove Outplant Monitoring

Biweekly monitoring of young red mangroves which have been planted along the southwest coast of Bonaire. The goal of this study is to understand the factors which improve the rate of growth and success rate of mangrove reforestation efforts to aid in improving the native mangrove population along the coastline.


Mangrove Nursery Monitoring

Biweekly monitoring of nurseries which contain red and black mangrove propagules. Five nurseries have been established throughout the mangrove forest with various environmental conditions (availability of sunlight, water depth, water salinity). The goal of this study is to determine what conditions maximize new propagule growth and survival rates to increase available plants for reforestation efforts.


Lac Bay Mangrove Forest Water Quality Monitoring

Biweekly monitoring of a number of locations throughout the mangrove forest of Lac Bay. These locations have been selected due to their proximity to ongoing projects and will serve as an early warning system in case of significant changes to water quality. Ideally, this project will show an improvement of water conditions in degraded areas to support the work which is being done to reopen historic water channels, improving overall water connectivity throughout the forest.


Sargassum Impact in Lac Bay

We support the Radboud University research project to quantify the impact of sargassum in near shore environments of Lac Bay. This is completed through monitoring a number of transect lines which reach from the open bay to the fringing mangrove boarder. Pore water, seagrass, mangrove and sediment samples are collected and analyzed for toxins. In addition, seagrass health is measured and tracked through analyzing bottom cover. Lastly, a series of light sensors places along the mangrove edge are used to track leaf loss as an indicator of overall health.

Past Projects


2020 Lac Bay Biological Survey

Combining three projects (Queen conch population, seagrass and invertebrates) 49 locations throughout Lac Bay were surveyed. Queen conch were counted and recorded as sexually mature or not, seagrass species were identified and counted in representative plots and invertebrates were identified and counted. These surveys are repeated at regular intervals for Lac Bay.

Report status: confidential


2020 Pekelmeer Flamingo Survey

This three month study focused on quantifying potential food sources and foraging behaviors of local Caribbean flamingo populations of Bonaire. Several sites were selected throughout the southern salt pans of Bonaire. Sediment and water samples were analyzed for nutrient availability and behavior surveys were conducted to understand preferred foraging techniques. This project is a follow on to similar 2018 and 2019 studies.

The full report can be found here.


2019 Water Connectivity Study

Using a combination of acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP) and uranine tracer data, water connectivity was analyzed throughout the forest. ADCPs placed within the bay gave us clear insight to tidal fluctuations and direction of water flow within the open bay whereas uranine tracer data allowed us to see the complicated interconnections within the mangrove forest itself. Coastal dynamics helped to develop methodology and execute the field work to provide data throughout this study.

Report status: Pending